The Fenton Village Players is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Most donations to our theatre, including that of material items, are tax deductible.

Through this link you can send a monetary donation directly to The Fenton Village Players.

You can also donate by becoming a sponsor or patron.  Complete the donor form and send it with a check payable to The Fenton Village Player to:

The Fenton Village Players

14197 Torrey Rd

Fenton, MI 48430

Please include a letter with your check explicitly stating it's a donation.

List of Special Donors

Principal Benefactor

($100,000.00 or More)


($2,000 or More)


($1,000.00 or More)


($150.00 or More)


($75.00 or More)

Sustaining Sponsor Benefits

Principal Benefactor – $100,000 & Up

 Director – $20,000 & Up

Producer - $10,000 & Up

 Lead Actor - $5,000 $ Up

Not ready to join our crew of sustaining sponsors?  Consider becoming one of our prized patrons!

Prized Patron Benefits

Gold – $2,000 and Up

Silver – $1,000 and Up

Bronze– $150 and Up

Copper – $75 and Up

~All sponsors receive recognition on our Sponsor “Wall of Fame”.

~All corporate sponsors are eligible for Rush Ticket Seating the night of an event.

*Pre-show publicity includes our monthly newsletter, drop-down projector (when applicable), Facebook page, etc.

**Program Covers are printed in advance at the beginning of the year. Accommodations will be made if sponsorship begins later in the year.